-Unvolting The Truth-


Khamis, 3 Disember 2009


zz i hate this guys. he think they better but they sometimes make me pissed off >:( this guys always mak some useless stuff . this guys also very very very hard to teach >:( Eg: i requested habbo to change a motto by simply go to habbo homepage (default: habbo.com.sg/my/ph) but instead they write it at address and they go -poof- ! >:( also the n00bs are also keras kepala as hell !!!! theres a moment wheres i was working at YSF. my task are being a guard. then one noob come and block my way. i requested her/him to move but she/he ignore it, instead he/she keep blocking until i allow him/her to get in >:( sometimes i saw the n00bs very very p3rv :P he/she always "looking for bla bla bla" >:(. zzz thats all

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