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Rabu, 2 Disember 2009

2 Malaysia's New MPV

ok2 now Malaysia car maker, Proton n Perodua now produce each MPV which is Proton Exora and Perodua Alza. since this year the economic is epic. now both carmaker will compete which will be the best seller.
Proton Exora, made by Proton, Malaysia first carmaker, is longer and wider than any MPV like Innova n Lavina. Its its powered by Campro CPS (Cincai pasang saja?) engine producing 125 hp and 150 N·m of torque, resulting the top speed around 165 km/h (103 mph).
Exora capable of carrying 7 adult passanger with its 3 row seat. Exora also equipped with DVD player on 2nd row top.
Exora safety consist of ABS + EBD with dual airbag, which is standard. (lmao more info needed)
The latest Perodua Alza, made by Perodua, is slighty shorter than Exora. Its is rebadge version of Toyota Passo Sette (which is main reason why i hate perodua). Powered by a Twin Cam DOCH DVVT engine producing ... dunno :P , which is top speed is around... idk too but according to its KM/H metre, it can reach 160-190km/h, which is fster than Exora.
Alza also capable of carrying 7 adult passanger consist of 3 row of seat. Alza radio system consist of CD player with MP3/WMA, USB plug n play & Bluetooth.

Now, which will u choose ?

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