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Jumaat, 19 Mac 2010


Well since habbo makes the latest flash version of habbo , many habbos decided to stop the new version and forcing to bring back the shockwave version of habbo . almost 8 month later , the flash version still rule-in . so just wondering , what is the good thing or bad thing on habbo ?

good stuff :
-luckily not all furnis is malfunction now :p
-some pros quits
-some latest furni quite nice
-now its linked with Facebook , Twitter , Myspace or whatever

but , the bad stuff is .. :
-no snowstorm
-no battleball
-30% more lagging
-habbo tax -_-"
-the marketplace tax
-all furni price down
-all my friend beginning to quit
-70% more boring
-cannot edit sound in tax
-more newbs coming
-the news competition is suckz
-if post something in fb by habbo , its screen went wrong (-_-")
-stupid pet can eat my food in room
-now people have to trade 50 bronze coin for gold bar
-the car need to pay 1c inorder to play for 2days only
-and much more luh

conclution : latest habbo suckx .

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dak sengkek berkata...

habbo cam babi ! towl kan ? oleh ituh , akuh quit >:(

- 2U - berkata...


dak sengkek berkata...

tahniah ! anda baru sahaja mendapat award ! award nya ialah "TOP BLOGGERS 2010" :) rajen2kan lah diri anda :)

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